David Gobel
Co-founder & CEO, Methuselah

"The average American has come of age with remarkable medical advances - from the polio vaccine, to multi-organ transplants, to the real prospect of nerve regeneration. Regenerative medicine, with its promise of repairing damaged tissues and growing replacement tissues and whole organs, is the new frontier." -2020: A New Vision. A Future for Regenerative Medicine, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About Methuselah

Methuselah Foundation was started by Dave Gobel in 2003 to shed light on the processes of aging and finds ways to extend healthy life. Since then, we've given over $4 million in funding for regenerative medicine R&D. From tissue engineering to stem cell science, we've seen explosive progress in the industry, and we're more convinced than ever that regenerative medicine will transform health care in the 21st century.

For us, tackling aging is really about changing assumptions regarding what is and isn't possible for human life, health, and happiness. We believe that aging as we currently know it is not inevitable. We think everyone should enjoy a vibrant and productive life, not just in their early years, but into their 70s, 80s, and 90s. Through regenerative medicine, we can envision cures for many of today's most debilitating conditions, from heart disease and diabetes to renal failure and neurodegenerative disorders. By 2030, 90 year olds can be as healthy as 50 year olds are today.

Gabor Forgacs
Scientific Founder, Organovo

We see opportunities to build towards that future all around us, but regenerative medicine needs help. The field of tissue engineering, for example, currently receives less than $500 million in federal funding annually, compared to $5 billion for cancer and almost $3 billion for HIV/AIDS. That's not only shortsighted, but irresponsible. We have to bridge this funding gap, increase awareness, and ignite public demand for progress.

Every day, we think about how to make the seemingly impossible become the inevitable. Unlike many nonprofits, we're responsive, not prescriptive, in our approach. We're project - rather than program - based, and we're always on the lookout for high-leverage interventions that spur concrete progress in the short term - and generate ripple effects over time.

Like us, many of our donors and partners are not just doers but dreamers, disruptors, iconoclasts. Over the last decade, we've helped put regenerative medicine on the map as a source of comprehensive solutions for age-related disease, disability, and suffering. Now, it's time to do more. When we scan the landscape of contemporary medicine, we see dramatic advances on the horizon, and we feel compelled to plant seeds in both expected and unexpected places. We'd love for you to join us.

Eileen Dreizin
Liver Transplant Recipient


David Gobel


A forward-thinking entrepreneur and father, Dave co-founded Methuselah in 2002 with Dr. Aubrey do Grey. He continues to work tirelessly to advance breakthroughs that will extend healthy life.

Tyler Emerson


Tyler leads New Organ's production. He's founder of Belong, a platform to finance, inform, and honor thinking long. He was founding ED of Singularity Institute and co-founder of Singularity Summit.

Dane Gobel

Director of Operations

Dane manages daily operations for Methuselah Foundation, overseeing finances and coordinating all projects, with a particular focus on organizational strategy and media production.

Florina Linco

Community Director

With 10 years of experience in social media, Florina spearheads our online marketing and community building while assisting with development.

Ross Robertson

Director of Communications

Ross is a freelance writer, poet, and environmental journalist. Before joining New Organ, he spent eight years as senior editor of EnlightenNext magazine.

Emilie McWilliams

Social Media Manager

Emilie manages New Organ's daily presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, in addition to tracking down the latest in regenerative medicine.

DR. Anthony Atala

Director, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

DR. Stephen Badylak

Deputy Dir., McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine

DR. Sangeeta Bhatia

Dir., MIT Lab for Multiscale Regenerative Technologies

DR. Christopher Breuer

Co-Dir., Tissue Engineering at Nationwide Children's Hospital

DR. Scott Collins

CTO & Vice President of R&D, TeVido Biodevices

DR. Gabor Forgacs

Scientific Founder, Organovo, Co-Founder, Modern Meadow

DR. Paolo Machhiarini

Professor of Regenerative Medicine, Karolinska Institute

DR. Robert Nerem

Institute Professor Emeritus, Georgia Institute of Technology

DR. Laura Niklason

Professor of Anesthesiology & Biomedical Engineering, Yale

DR. Harald Ott

Instructor in Surgery, Harvard Medical School

DR. Doris Taylor

Director, Regenerative Medicine at Texas Heart

DR. Andre Terzic

Director, Center for Regenerative Medicine at the Mayo Clinic



Organovo is an industry leader in 3D printing of functional human tissues, and has been partnered with Methuselah since its inception. We are currently working to provide 3D bioprinters to top research universities.

Learn more about Organovo >

Institute of Competition Sciences

With broad experience in challenge competitions including X Prize, the NASA Night Rover Challenge, and the Cleantech Open, ICS has been a critical partner for us in developing the structure and rules of the New Organ Liver Prize.

Learn more about ICS >

World Stem Cell Summit

WSCS is a premier annual forum for regenerative medicine and the official launch venue for the New Organ Liver Prize. Together, we're seeking to contribute to the realization of whole organ engineering, preservation, and regeneration for the benefit of millions.

Learn more about WSCS >

Sens Research Foundation

SENS and Methuselah have a shared history based on the partnership of Dave Gobel and Aubrey de Grey, who founded Methuselah together in 2003. When they decided to spin SENS off as an independent organization focused on rejuvenation biotechnologies in 2009, we became its fiscal sponsor.

Learn more about SENSRF >
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