Rejuvenation Research, High Impact Factor Journal

Rejuvenation Research is the well-regarded, high impact factor scientific journal edited by Methuselah Foundation chairman Aubrey de Grey.

The 2005 impact factors were announced yesterday, including the inaugural impact factor for Rejuvenation Research. I’m pleased to tell you that we obtained the very agreeable ranking of 8.571. This puts us at No. 1 in the “Gerontology and Geriatrics” category by a large margin, even including Aging Cell at 6.013 (which, for whatever reason, is not listed in that category). For a wider comparison, we would be No. 20 in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and No. 17 in Cell Biology, ahead of such prominent titles as Human Mol Genet, NAR, FASEB J, MCB, MBC, JCS, and Oncogene.

A sea change in the culture of aging and longevity research is upon us, driven by advocacy and activism both within and without the scientific community – activities like those of the Methuselah Foundation. So it is that today we can see a lauded, frequently published journal explicitly focused on the fight to defeat aging, a new institute at Harvard backed by the Glenn Foundation and explicitly focused on extending the healthy human life span, a call from mainstream gerontology to engineer the Longevity Dividend, and more.

None of this progress would have been conceivable a decade ago, when longevity research was banished to the fringes. The times are changing for the better; support and funding are growing for serious attempts to extend the healthy human life span and banish age-related frailty. The many supporters and generous donors of the Methuselah Foundation and MPrize for anti-aging research are helping to make it happen. Keep up the good work!

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