Onward and Upward For a Methuselah Foundation Alumnus

I’m happy to note that Kevin Perrott, Executive Director of the Mprize and one of the enthusiastic Methuselah Foundation volunteers who has been with us since the early days, is moving onwards and upwards to a new venture for longevity science. He will remain very much connected with the Foundation’s efforts as he forges ahead in his new work. Here is his letter to the Foundation volunteers and supporters:

Hello all!

Hope your Thanksgiving is going well and you are enjoying it with family and friends. Here in Canada it’s just another day unfortunately.

Back in June at Aging ’08 I met Barbara Logan of the Millard Foundation having previously met her father William Millard at SENS 2. They both ran the company Computerland in the 1980′s with 800 stores globally. Have a peek on Google for them and the company, I’m sure you’ll be impressed that such caliber of individuals are taking an interest in aging and attending SENS conferences. I was particularly impressed with Barbara’s commitment to the mission and her support of Aubrey de Grey. She actually organized a talk for Aubrey in Florida that you can view from the Millard Foundation’s website.

Over the following months she became a resource for me and I introduced her to some efforts with the Alberta Government where I had proposed the development of regenerative medicine programs which are under consideration. It soon became clear that there were some strong synergies and I was invited to participate in the efforts of the Millard Foundation in developing a strategy to serve the mission. Unsurprisingly, Aubrey is a consultant on the project and will play an increasingly important role as we move forward – the ideas of SENS are part of the project’s DNA. More than that I’m afraid I can’t speak to at this time, but suffice to say, it is one of the most exciting efforts (other than the Methuselah Foundation) that I have been involved with. With the excitement also came a bit of sadness however as I realized early on that as the demands of the new effort grew, I would need to make a difficult decision.

Unfortunately that time has come and it means that I will be moving on from my work with the Methuselah Foundation. I am stepping down from my more demanding positions but will remain a volunteer to help as much as I can and support Dave Gobel and Aubrey as I always have and always will. Of my positions the one which matters most is Executive Director of the Mprize. I am leaving the Mprize in very good hands however as Dave will be taking the reins. The Mprize was his ‘first love’ and he is looking forward to taking it to the levels he knows it can aspire to (as well as the other prizes he intends to create to enhance the mission). He is now resolved to focus his attention on the Mprize and I’m sure that it will benefit from his enthusiasm and inventiveness. I leave the position with a number of recently recruited new competitors waiting in the wings to be announced and an absolutely top-flight Scientific Advisory Board with some great ideas which I’m sure will be helpful as Dave takes the prize forward.

I am very excited for the future for the Methuselah Foundation and for the potential of the new project I am involved with – and what they can contribute to the overall mission to defeat degenerative aging. I remain impressed and astounded by the quality of the individuals with whom I am privileged to be associated with, both in the Foundation and at my new organization. With the commitment I’ve seen from the Millard Foundation and the commitment that has been exhibited by all of you, I have no doubt that there will be opportunities for synergies with everyone going forward. In the meantime, I should say thank you to everyone who has played such an important role and supported my efforts to help bring us this far. The ride so far has been exciting, but it’s nothing compared to what’s next.

Be well and have a great holiday.

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