Organovo Announces $6.5 million to Advance 3D Bioprinting

Excellent news from Organovo! Today, February 14, 2012 in San Diego, Organovo Holdings, Inc. (“Organovo”) announced the successful merger with Organovo, Inc. (the “Merger”), a company focused on developing the three-dimensional bioprinting technology for medical research and applications. Organovo closed a private placement of approximately $6.5 million to advance its bioprinting platform.

82-bioprinter.jpg“Organovo’s advanced bioprinting platform can replicate essential biology for research, drug discovery and development and, eventually, for therapeutic applications,” stated Keith Murphy, chief executive officer of Organovo. “We have found success in achieving early revenue through strategic collaborations, and this funding will allow us to extend the reach and uses of 3D bioprinting through growth and innovation in the coming years.”

We’re downright beaming here at Methuselah Foundation, for this is yet another buoyant step towards accomplishing the vision of New Organ.

“Their $6.5 million in additional capital will go a long way toward making new parts for aging bodies a desirable and commonplace outcome. Thanks to all of you who made signal contributions to this ongoing success,” said David Gobel, founder of Methuselah Foundation.


“Organovo Announces $6.5 Million Private Placement to Advance 3D Bioprinting for Medical Applications.” Microsoft, 14 Feb. 2012. Web. 14 Feb. 2012.

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