Organovo Named One of Fifty Most Innovative Companies of 2012


MIT’s Technology Review pays tribute to Organovo as a TR50 company, one of The 50 Most innovative Companies of 2012 and one of 10 in the biomedicine sector!

This is their description of a TR50 company:

“It is a business whose innovations force other businesses to alter their strategic course. TR50 members are nominated by Technology Review’s editors, who look for companies that over the last year have demonstrated original and valuable technology, are bringing that technology to market at a significant scale, and are clearly influencing their competitors.”

Organovo is on a roll, as it was only in two years ago that the 3-D bioprinter was heralded as one of The 50 Best Inventions of 2010.

It’s clear that the vision of New Organ is quickly gaining focus and momentum with the technology community and across biomedical sectors. And because of the donations of far-sighted, generous individuals like you, our support of fast-moving, innovative companies like Organovo is possible.

Just look at some of the amazing things that have already been accomplished! Several types of tissue have already been built by the 3-D bioprinter such as lung, cardiac muscle, and blood vessels. With your help, complete organs will be built and the entire course of organ transplantation will change, saving and elevating the lives of untold numbers of individuals.

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