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People see the dysfunction that accompanies aging as inevitable. This is totally understandable since millennia of biological and social evolution have programmed us to believe that resistance is pointless, struggle though we must.

The volunteers of the Methuselah Foundation do not accept the aging process as a fait accompli. We are aware of the advances being made everyday in the study of aging and realise that the extension of the healthy human lifespan and elimination of the suffering due to aging is within the power of humanity to realize if we so wish it.

The volunteers of the Methuselah Foundation wish it.

We believe that the pursuit of the elimination of age-related disease and suffering is one of the greatest gifts that we can give.

Do you believe in the possibility of controlling aging? Do you feel that you would like to add your pebble to a growing landslide that is sure to bury an old enemy of health and life?

We can always use willing and able individuals for the tremendous number of opportunities available in promoting awareness of the near term potential of real science based anti-aging interventions.

Although any and all skills and time you are willing to donate will be put to use, we have special need of:

  1. Software Engineers and Web Designers - PHP/MySQL experience very much appreciated
  2. Graphic Artists and Copywriters - for designing brochures and other marketing materials
  3. Fundraisers - although obvious, it bears mentioning that our goal is going to require financial resources
  4. Public Relations and Marketing Specialists - galvanizing the public through raising awareness of our efforts is likely the most important part of the job ahead

If you have any of the skills above or others that you would like to apply to the creation of world where “getting old” doesn't mean “getting sick,” please let us know. Please include a CV, and in your covering email sketch out the skills you have that you think could best be used for the mission, and an idea of how much time you can contribute.