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Friends And Loved Ones,
Your Children And Grandchildren,
Will Never Know The Suffering
Of Age-Related Diseases.

Join the 300 Now And Share In An Immortal Legacy. Your Name And Image Will Be Etched Into A Steel And Marble Monument, And Your Wishes For A Healthy Tomorrow Will Be Displayed For All Time...



A letter from David Gobel,
Founder and CEO, Methuselah Foundation


Dear Friend,

I often look at my family, my wife and two children, take a deep breath… and appreciate how blessed we are. The home we share, our laughter, the values we aspire to, the playful jabbing when the moment is ripe, even the moments of intense challenges... all of it.

And like you and everyone else alive, I don't want these precious moments to stop.

But, in today’s world, joy disappears when
the diseases of aging assault us... 


We all know someone who’s had their health taken away. We all know someone who’s watched as a loved one slips away.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be like this.
The good news is that we're closer to finding
a true cure for age related diseases than ever before...

I'm writing you this letter because as close as we are, we will never touch that bright future without people who are visionary enough to take action now. You can help bring age-related diseases to an end, once and for all.

In 2007, $979 billion was spent on the health and welfare of senior citizens in decline. And this in the United States alone!

  • Imagine how many urgent causes could now receive the funding and resources they need with an extra $979 billion a year.

  • Imagine the investments we could make in our children.


It's not just about age-related diseases.
You can help us achieve a humanitarian victory
that will profoundly reduce human suffering.


  • The global support we receive is immense. Methuselah Foundation supporters are many and generous. Just take a look at what our donors have to say (on the right). Everything they say is as simple and logical as it is profound.

  • Our visionary supporters understand that there is no smarter investment… no investment more rewarding… than extending healthy human life.


The MPrize is at the forefront of this effort

What if 100 teams of scientists were working on the same cause? What if those 100 teams of scientists approached the problem in a different way, using a different lens and a different approach... all competing to be the first to win this extraordinary humanitarian prize?

Welcome to the MPrize. The MPrize is a competition that rewards the delivery of scientific breakthroughs that extend healthy life with sizable cash prizes. It is a compelling incentive; an incentive that has worked in the past … and will work again.

There is a direct connection between the size of the prize and the speed to the solution: the larger the prize, the more competitors we attract, and the faster they'll work to reach the goal.

What could make it more powerful?

Here Come The 300. They Are Real World Visionaries.
They Are Rewarded With A Permanent Legacy.


Their names of The 300 are etched into a steel and marble monument for all time. Their faces, and wishes for a health tomorrow are displayed for all to acknowledge.

Every member of The 300 will be a permanent inspiration to all. You can be that inspiration.

Join the ranks of The 300 and give Methuselah Foundation the means to extend healthy life.

And what does it take?

Every member of The 300 commits to an investment of $3 a day, $85 each month, $1,000 a year for 25 years. Investing $3 in a cup of coffee is something that many of us do daily. Investing the same amount to end age-related diseases and suffering is a better investment.

227 have joined the ranks. There are only places for 73 more individuals. At 300, the monument is complete along with the immortal legacy of each member.

Join The 300 now and that lasting legacy is yours.

Join The 300 for the health of your friends.
Join The 300 for the health of your family.
Join The 300 for the health of your children and grandchildren.

But more importantly, join The 300 now and make an imprint on the world that will never disappear.

Click the button below and we’ll help you get started.



Thank you for your belief and vision.

To our future,

Dave Gobel
Founder and CEO, Methuselah Foundation


"Our future is not set, we can change it, mold it into something better.  It takes will, and a little bit of money.  I stand here and give both.  Please join me and make a commitment to end the diseases of aging."
Michael Roy Ames
300 Member

“Seeing the end of life with a clear mind and a strong body, sharing with those one loves, and contributing through the end, will certainly be valuable.”
Joseph Foss and
Laura Watson
300 Members

“Life to me is such an exciting adventure that I could not forego the opportunity to contribute to this serious effort to give people a longer, healthy life.”
Gert Olefs
300 Member

“Everyone should reach in their pocket and donate SOMETHING right now. It would add up. Do you really want to see your loved ones painfully turn to dirt before your eyes?”
Ken Nichols
MFoundation Donor

“In honor of all those great men and women of the past, who died much too young; For current and future generations, so that they may enjoy life to its fullest.”
Anders Kronby Kehlet
300 Member

“It seems a cruel joke that just when we've finally lived long enough to become wise, we begin the great decline into physical and mental deterioration that eventually leads to death.  This is a travesty not only for individuals but for mankind as a whole. We can’t imagine a better investment.”
Royal-Gordon Family
300 Members

“I can’t think of a more urgent, universal cause. Eternal thanks for your practical, intelligent and visionary efforts.”
Jim Cisco
300 Member

“I have joined the 300 in hopes of a brighter future for my granddaughter Katie, who has Juvenile Diabetes. And, i hope to be around to share her future. A win-win result. Thank you for your unfailing dedication.”
Barbara Torrea
300 Member

"For me, this is about the quality of life we have while we're here. I found myself thinking that life expectancy will most certainly continue increasing... which is a fundamentally good thing.  This seems the most effective way to have an impact."
Eric Bauswell
300 Member

"I'm confident if each individual who is interested in living a longer, healthier and fuller life were to donate what little they could spare, we would soon be on the fastest possible track to stopping the suffering caused by aging!"
MFoundation Donor

"There are 56 million people dying every year, 150 thousand every day, two people every second. The wisest, the best, the most experienced leave us, often in painful conditions. This is tragic, sad and inhumane. I believe we can change it and each donation will speed up the fight."
Maciek Kolodziejczyk
300 Member

"Children realize how wonderful and precious life is. Adults sometimes forget. This donation is for my daughter. I want to do whatever I can for her."
Sergei Lopatin
300 Member

if you have the means to help (and almost everyone everyone truly does), does it really make sense to risk being late to the party when there is something you could have done?"
Roman Mitz
300 Member

"My mother recently died of a stroke. She died suddenly in seconds. My father also died recently of a slow and painful death from cancer where he died from starvation over several months. My feelings about this come straight from my heart. This pain is beyond words! I think we cannot shrink from this challenge. We need to do what we can, with what we have now. Please do it right now."
Daniel Erskine
300 Member

"How many lives will the Methuselah Foundation save? How about at least 66 million? We want to help the Foundation do that, and to be there to enjoy the results."
The Shapard Family
300 Members

"It's my privilege to be able to financially contribute to the continued and successful operation of The Methuselah Foundation. Too often, people dismiss researchers for engaging in what they consider pie-in-the-sky science, but it's my opinion the Foundation encourages a creative and intelligent approach towards alleviating the suffering that unnecessarily accompanies the aging process."
Brian Cartmell
300 Member