Family & Longevity: Genetics Can Dictate How Long You May Live

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Are you with family today? This might be a great opportunity to talk about your longest living relatives. Many studies have correlated longevity with genes and you may find out just how likely you are to surpass the 100 year mark. Did you know that individuals who have centenarian parents have been found to be less likely to have the age-related diseases that are common among older adults?

The NIH article titled “Is longevity determined by genetics?” explains that “some of the gene variants that contribute to a long life are involved with the basic maintenance and function of the body’s cells. These cellular functions include DNA repair, maintenance of the ends of chromosomes (regions called telomeres), and protection of cells from damage caused by unstable oxygen-containing molecules (free radicals).”

Even if there is no known centenarian or super-centenarian in your family tree, this facts will sure make for a great dinner table conversation.