What does it mean to be 90 vs 50 years-old? 


What does it mean to be 90 vs 50 years-old? 
Some of the important questions we have asked ourselves for a few years are:

  • What defines an average 90-year-old scientifically?

  • What defines a 50-year-old?

  • How could we make 90 the new 50 by 2030?

Clearly, this is something that was of paramount importance since we decided to have the self-imposed deadline of year 2030. We know it is important to understand these questions in order to find out if we succeeded or not by the time 2030 comes around. Since the M Fund has been created to accelerate results in this field by means of targeted investments, we decided early on to study hundreds of longevity-related papers to come up with answers that could point us that way. The study yielded the added benefits of giving us a significant advantage in understanding the investable science that is on the horizon.


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We know that you will find this extremely interesting and hope it can add value to your lifestyle and direct investment goals.

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