New Organ Alliance - Update

It is well known that one of Methuselah Foundation's initiative is the New Organ Alliance. The following is the latest update on the progress this venture is having. Enjoy!

New Communications & Updates.

The New Organ Alliance is going to start sharing periodic updates about what we're doing to help accelerate innovative bioengineering research, and specific ways to engage with this work. You are getting this email because you have participated in an Alliance activity in the past or been a part of one of our initiatives.

What we will be sharing includes specific updates on New Organ Alliance activities and how you can engage with them.

What we will NOT be sharing includes general information about new bioengineering research or other related articles or stories. This will not be a general information newsletter. It is rather a very specific way for us to communicate about activities with this Alliance. 

To start, we've gathered a few highlights of recent work and upcoming action items with the alliance with thought you would be interested in. Please let us know of any questions or comments by contacting:

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Vascular Tissue Challenge Videos & Teams.

Our collaboration with NASA on the Vascular Tissue Challenge is going strong. 13 teams are currently registered and working hard to overcome the hurdle of thick-tissue vascularization before the end of 2019. NASA recently created a series of videos highlighting the Vascular Tissue Challenge. The first two of these videos can be found here:

Bioengineering Road-Map Summit Videos.

In collaboration with our partners at NASA, we hosted our 3rd Bioengineering Road-Mapping Summit in March gathering our Road-map Committees and colleagues together to refine the challenge topics and enabling technologies we're using to help create a framework for how to accelerate bioengineering technologies that can actually move the needle on ending the organ shortage. Videos of many of the presentations from this summit are currently up online here.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the Road-Mapping committees, please contact: to let us know in which tissue/organ focus area you would like to add your expertise.

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Next Steps for the Alliance

Creating an online dynamic Road-Map Database.
Since the March Road-Mapping Summit, we have been working on moving the road-map into a dynamic, relational database of information that will make it much easier and more valuable to use. We plan to launch this database later in 2018 along with a Membership Campaign to engage a broader community in using the Road-Map to accelerate innovative bioengineering research.

Meeting in DC at the National Science Foundation
We are hosting a meeting in DC this coming June with government program officers to gather input on the structure and content of the Road-Map to help advance opportunities for government programs to benefit from this framework we have created, and open discussions about future collaborations.

Research Coordination Network
We are organizing a proposal to launch a Research Coordination Network with NSF support. This network will use the New Organ Alliance Bioengineering Road-Map to help coordinate and accelerate innovative research collaborations.

Membership Campaign
We are launching a public membership campaign to connect everyone with an interest in accelerating bioengineering research to help end the organ shortage. The membership campaign will be launched with a series of short informational videos that can be shared publicly.


We will be sending periodic updates through this email list to keep our community updated on what's happening with the alliance, and to share ways to engage with the network to help accelerate bioengineering research to end the organ shortage. If you have ideas you would like to share or questions about any of the information in this email, please contact us at