Thinking About Moving? Try Ikaria, Greece

When traveling, moving, or vacationing from a hectic schedule, many of us imagine a blue vista with rolling waves. In the longevity community, the Blue Zones hold an additional attraction because of the allure of a longer lifespan for residents of such areas. 

The Greek island of Ikaria, is a Blue Zone, one of five locations where people are known to have the greatest life expectancy. On this Aegean isle, one-third of the population exceeds 90 years of life. Longer life is often attributed to a healthy diet and active lifestyle, but research on Blue Zones' effect on lifespan also suggests the importance of close family relationships and involvement in a faith-based community. This engaging BBC Travel article interviews aged Ikarians and explores their outlook on factors that contribute to longer, happier lifespans, including their outlook on life, a nebulous regard for time, and maintenance of purpose in the community. 

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