The Investment Scene for Longevity is Heating Up!

Over 10 years ago, we realized that investing in longevity companies has a two-fold benefit. Such investments accelerate products into the market that we all benefit from and also pours more capital into private research, resulting in breakthroughs in the longevity space. 

We are delighted to hear of the most recent $438 Million USD raise by Samumed, a San Diego regenerative medicine company. Their announcement of two anti-aging programs helped it set a new valuation at $12 Billion USD! While we know they are still a few years away from creating approved marketable products, it's nice for our community to see the appetite of major international investors for the longevity sector.

What's needed now? Aside from more investment money, we need to keep creating high-value ventures in this field. At Methuselah, we are happy to keep adding fuel to the fire with our incubation and company formation projects!

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