Longevity Article with a Focus in Africa

The quest for healthier and longer lives should be inclusive and understood by all around the Earth. We are happy to see Forbes Africa publish an article focused on the impact of the longevity industry in this vast and beautiful continent. This comprehensive article entitled “You Only Live Twice” written by Ancillar Mangena tries to explain the main concepts behind our movement.

“In 1770, Africans had an average life expectancy of a mere 26 years. With newer ways to cure deadly diseases such as small pox and polio, life expectancy gradually increased. Exactly two centuries later, Africans were living to almost 47 years. In 2001, the average life expectancy of Africans rose to 51 years, in 2005 to 53 years, in 2010 to 57 years and in 2015 to 60 years.”

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