What Healthy Tip Can We Learn From Rabbits?


If you found a treatment that could to extend your life by up to 30% and increase your resistance to diseases and inflammation, what would you pay for it? What if it was free? That sounds like a no-brainer right? In 1980 one scientist stumbled upon such a treatment while conducting a study on high cholesterol, heart rate, and blood pressure involving rabbits. In this study rabbits in one group who were exposed to regular physical contact had one half to two thirds less fat build-up in their arteries than other groups. This physical contact (cuddling and hugging), not only had a therapeutic effect but it also manifested physical effects.

Thirty odd years later, ample scientific studies show that kindness and connection are critical to health and cellular aging. So strive to make a connection with someone, give someone a hug. It could end up being more beneficial to your health than you know.